You might be forgiven for believing the watch I am holding right now is quite fake. In the end, it states'Panerai' on it, however appears like the Radiomir or Luminor contours that the brand is now famous for. I can guarantee you, but this is a valid Panerai version, and not simply any Panerai version --that the Panerai Mare Nostrum Replica is still among the very mysterious Panerai has made. Panerai made diving tools, however, the Mare Nostrum has been a very long way off being water resistant with these unsealed pushers. The chronograph hands did not have Panerai's patented luminous paint on these, so utilize underwater was well and truly out of this question. The first also had a plain bezel, therefore it was not even employed for measuring rate like most chronographs.

The hint's in the title,'Mare Nostrum'. This was exactly what the Romans called the Mediterranean, a title revived by Benito Mussolini as a part of his effort to recover the old empire. It is a title that also appears on Panerai torpedo timers manufactured for the Italian Navy, also indicates that the wristwatch could have experienced a similar usage: as an officer deck watch, for instance manoeuvres. The opinion wasn't needed anymore. And from the seventies, together with the final of the founding family, Giuseppe Panerai, having fallen sick, the doorways of Panerai itself were going to shut. The Italian Navy had other ideas, but keen to keep a source of diving tools, and consequently naval engineer Dino Zei has been put in control of the provider.

Employing the historic documents that had survived the flooding, Zei made three reissue watches: the Luminor, the Luminor Marina, along with the Mare Nostrum. The Luminor instance become more aerodynamic, although the Panerai Mare Nostrum 52mm Replica obtained a tachymetre on which should happen to be a plain bezel.

However, the most significant and most fateful shift for the Mare Nostrum has been a decrease in size with a centimetredown to 42mm, although the Luminor only shrank 3mm from 47mm to 44. Therefore, when Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone strolled to the boutique one bright day, searching for a huge watch and intrigued from those on screen in the window, then it had been the Luminor which saw his favour. He moved on to put on it at the film'Daylight', and the rest is now history.

Picture, then, in case it had been the Panerai Mare Nostrum Titanio Replica that had transported the larger case size. Stallone was impressed with the heft of this Luminor--that had been a time when 40mm was roughly as large as watches obtained --therefore if the watches were proportioned properly to every other, it might very well happen to be the Mare Nostrum gracing jeweller's windows throughout the world these days.

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